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The NIVELAT maintenance services provided by GAROO comprise the correct functionality of the Software, its remote access, updates that are intended to correct errors or implement improvements, and the maintenance of the servers on which it resides.

Our monthly percentage in which the Services are available and functional to be used is 98%, according to our measurements. In the event that the Client justifies the fact that the percentage of functionality of the NIVELAT Platform decreases from this limit, an extension will be granted proportional to the days in which it has not been able to have access.


On the other hand, the Support Service includes a real-time communication channel operated from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (GMT-4), in English and Spanish, where the client can report incidents or problems of any kind. Once  an incident or problem that interferes with the proper functioning of NIVELAT is received, it must be communicated in the shortest possible time


Technical support is only provided to Paying Account Clients. The malfunction of the Software or any of the Services must be reported to GAROO, in the shortest possible time, through the channels intended to provide support, including email at support@nivelat.com


In the event of any type of interruption in the Services, whether this is attributable to GAROO or one of its suppliers/providers, its cause will be identified within the hour following that in which it is notified by the Client. Once the cause is identified, GAROO will contact the Client to report the details and magnitude of the problem, and what the applicable protocol will be, with the intention of providing the quickest solution. In cases classified as serious, considering the nature of the cause of the problem, GAROO will implement a new platform that aims to replace the Services, a procedure that will take place within a maximum period of 24 business hours from the time that the notification made by the Client takes place.


The procedure to generate the first response and solution will be as follows:


  • Level 1 Incident: These are incidents that have a great impact on the Client. They affect the normal operation of NIVELAT services.
  • Level 2 Incident: These are medium-level incidents in which the normal operation is partially compromised, not making the use of the services impossible, but situations where there is an error to solve.
  • Level 3 Incident: These are non-urgent, low impact incidents. In no case does an incident of this type compromise the normal operation of the service.



Response time

Solution Time


2 hours

4 hours


3 hours

8 hours


4 hours

24 hours


All costs associated with the replacement of the Services shall be borne by GAROO.


The Client will have the right to deduct from the price charged for the provision of the Services, both the time that these have not been provided and that which exceeds the time in which GAROO had to solve the interruption. This right is applied proportionally, considering the price agreed for the provision of the Services.


The status of the servers and the constant provision of the Services, if applicable, will be monitored daily by GAROO, in order to anticipate eventual interruptions as far as possible,.


This SLA is the sole and exclusive means to solve any failure of the NIVELAT Platform.


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